Chuck calling his dance "Kissing Bridge" at Glen Echo FND 2/19/16 w/ New Caledonia

An original dance written to celebrate the end of the longest winter ever!...

Contra Dance Caller

Dancing, playing, and calling are mutually reinforcing activities, each one informing the others. Chuck wrote his first contra dance in 2002, and gained experience by being a guest caller over the course of many years. Chuck began calling in earnest in 2011 and has since become a regular on the regional dance scene as well as toured in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, California, and New England. Back home, Chuck helps organize and facilitate the Rochester Callers Night, a monthly event geared towards nurturing beginning callers and providing more experienced callers with opportunities to collaborate and to try out more complicated dances or even original dances. 

Chuck calls a blend of contras, squares, triple minors, four-facing-fours, and circle dances (both Sicilian and circle mixers). He is currently experimenting with grid squares. Video clips of Chuck calling are posted to the right, and samples of Chuck's original choreography are available below. Feel free to try one out if you want, and to send me feedback if you have any!

Some places I've called: Glen Echo, Mt. Airy, Raleigh-Durham NC, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Silver Spring MD, Roanoke VA, Pittsburgh PA, Princeton NJ, Boca Raton FL, Greenville SC, Asheville NC (OFB), Grey Eagle, Atlanta, River Falls NC, Charleston SC, Berkely CA, Santa Barbara CA, Palo Alto CA, etc.

Contra Dance Caller