• Grace4:56
  • Candy-O4:56
  • Color of My Blues4:56
  • Low Down Blues4:56
  • Too Good For Me4:56



Long before Chuck became a dance performer, he was an avid dancer. Chuck's first contra dance experience was in 1984, and he has remaine a faithful enthusiast ever since. He is also a regular swing, zydeco, blues, and salsa dancer, and has led numerous "survival"  lessons and workshops in each of those styles. 

In 1998 Chuck earned a M.A. in American Studies from the University of Buffalo with a concentration in ethnomusicology. His specific subject of research was, as you may guess, traditional American music and dance, specifically contra and square dancing. 


Chuck has recorded two CDs of original songs - Thunder in the Earth and Blue Dance - and has performed at countless coffeehouses over the last two decades.